we regret to announce to the general public, that a Final Year Student in Covenant University, Ota has been officially and permanently banned on the ground of Lesbianism.

The Education institution board of management of the Covenant University, Canaanland Ota, which is located in Ogun State, has expel a 22-year old final year student for allegedly involving herself on lesbianism practice.

The institution Administration officer, who shared and brought out this news to the public, said that the student’s activities and unquenchable desire for other ladies was disturbing and embarrassing to the University and student as a whole.

According to him, he regrets the decision but said that sexual orientation and exploits is not what covenant university is known for and that a good name is what covenant university strives for.
The name of the student was not disclosed.
Although, we think the institution did not disclose the student name because of her privacy and they also have the student good name in mind.

However, what first came running through our mind is:
wasted years:
waste Money.

what is the most saddest moment here is, What will this girl, in question tell her parents, if asked the reason for her been expelled from one of the best private university in the Nation?

This is Food for thought for others.
Please respect yourself while in school.