As a result of what they termed the inactiveness of the incumbent Student Union leaders of the Kwara State Polytechnic (KwaraPoly), Ilorin, students who stay off campus are now joining forces together to establish off-campus Student Union Government (SUG).
According to them, the off-campus students have been suffering from lack of electricity, potable water and good security of lives and property, with no one to fight for their rights. These have made them come up with the plan.
The off-campus students have fixed their elections the same period as the school's SUG elections. Posters and notices of the new off-campus incoming executives could be seen in and around the school.
Expressing his opinion, Ibrahim Babatunde, a Banking and Finance student said: "I'm so happy about the plan because we the off-campus students have been suffering without the school SUG helping us. Everyday, from 5.00 in the morning, we go about in search of water, without an assurance of seeing water to bathe, we have no light