A message from Spinlet.com

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Dear Spinlet users,

We apologize to all users and potential users of Spinlet who had issues downloading the Spinlet app or the E.M.E album on Spinlet over the last 24 hrs. Spinlet is currently only available on Andriod, Blackberry and Symbian devices. Additional versions, including iPhone, desktop and Java will be ready for use soon. All users should have been issued 30SC (Spinlet Credits) to download the E.M.E album from the app. If for any reason the 30SC did not show up on your app, or if your phone credits were deducted, please contact us at support@spinlet.com so we can make sure you are refunded in full. Thank you for your support and patience, Spinlet will be giving every user a free one-month subscription which will be effective within the next 48hrs. Please refer to spinlet.com/support for additional questions on how to use Spinlet. See after the cut for instructions on how to download the EME album.

Move With It
The Spinlet Team