Baby Kelechi needs your help

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Baby Kelechi (now 1 year and 3months) was only about two weeks old when his parent noticed some changes in him which included fast breathing, sleepless nights and frequent fatigue amongst other things. He had problem ingesting good and had to be fed through his nose. Hospitals they visited gave several diagnosis which included Malaria, Fever and related ailments until they were referred to LUTH. On the 21st of October 2011, the result of the diagnosis revealed that Kelechi had a grade 3/6 Systolic Murmur. Simpler terms describes it as an unusual noise in the heart commonly known as a hole in the heart.

He's got some sort of paralysis on his left hand and finds it difficult to stand. Doctor's says he might get brain damaged if he doesn't get treatment as soon as possible.

He needs N4 million for surgery in India. Please go on his website to see how you can help.